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Wednesday, July 18, 2018
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Our Part in the Computer and Office Products Industry

Our primary product and service will be cross-referencing all of the SKU’s into a proprietary cross referencing system over the web, and integration to specific ERP Systems and electronic interfaces.  Important characteristics of this system over our competitors is that we will cross-reference the entire industry, while our competitor’s only cross-reference imaging supplies.  Additionally we have the capabilities to expand to other product categories in the near future.

While our strategy is to be the Premier Cross Referencing System in everyway possible.  We intend to deliver premium quality service and to run our business in a first class manner throughout.  Absolutely everything about our business is top notch and we intend to do just that.  We will immediately be positioned as a high-tech, leading-edge provider.

In the Computer and Office Products Industry today, there is much greater awareness than ever before for the need of cross-referencing.  This has come to proliferation by manufacturers adding more SKU’s to increase their overall business.  This creates opportunity for our services, as there is no one in the industry that can complete this business.  Manufacturers only have their products to concern with, but most of the time the consumer ultimately can make the decision, and they have nothing to compare to what is equal to what they are looking for.

The most obvious needs this cross-referencing system address are following...

  • Too many part numbers to keep information on
  • Too many manufacturers to keep information on
  • Too many model numbers to keep information on
  • What is the same thing but from a different manufacturer
  • Manufacturers only care about their products – not what the customer carries or sells
  • Helps a wholesaler identify what products they should carry
  • Helps a dealer decide where to get the product
  • Helps the dealer decide which manufacturer to buy
  • Helps the dealer on which Wholesaler carries the product

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